Research Talks

1. Galois Deformations and Level Lowering (upcoming), Cornell University, 2019.

2. Lifting Galois Representations, Poster session at Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry, Michigan Ann Arbor, 2019.

3. Lifts of Reducible Galois Representations, 9th Annual Upstate Number theory Conference, Cornell University 2019.

4. Lifting Mod p Reducible Galois Representations, Oklahoma State University, 2018.

5. Lifting Mod p Reducible Galois Representations, Cornell University, 2018.

6. On the mu=0 conjecture for Coates-Wiles extensions of Imaginary quadratic fields for primes p=2,3, Coates Project Group, Arizona Winter School, 2018

7.Deformations of Reducible Galois Representations to Hida Families, 8th Annual Upstate Number theory Conference parallel session, University of Buffalo, 2018.

8. Deformations of Reducible Mod p Galois Representations, Automorphic Forms Workshop parallel session, Tufts University, 2018.

Expository Talks

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