Publications and Preprints


1. Level Optimization and Deformations of Galois Representations(preprint, joint with Ravi Ramakrishna).

2. Deformations of Certain Reducible Galois Representations III (preprint, submitted and going through revisions).

3. Constructing Certain Special Analytic Galois Extensions (Journal of Number theory).

4. A Refined Lifting Theorem for Supersingular Galois Representations (preprint, submitted).


5. Euler Characteristics and their Congruences in the Positive Rank setting (joint with R. Sujatha, to appear in the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin).

6. Deformations of Reducible Galois Representations to Hida Families (preprint, submitted).

7.  On Picard Groups of Perfectoid Covers of Toric varieties (preprint, joint with Gabriel Dorfman-Hopkins and Peter Wear).

8. Level Optimization for Residually Reducible Galois Representations (joint with Ravi Ramakrishna; in preparation).

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